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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Water Tankers, Water Tender, Ford F-700 used fire equipment

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Water Tankers?
The local Fire Department is updating and getting rid of a water tanker, with the hydroseeder now being able to carry more water is big. Not sure I really want another old truck but do like the idea of 2200 gallons in one shot. Has anyone ever priced water tankers out? They are crazy expensive. I did like the one tanker I found, it was an old front discharge redi mix truck with an 6000 gallon water tank on it. I think my slide in tank for a big dump would be better or having a hook. Here's pictures of the old girl. What do you think it's worth? It has a 427 gas with a 5 and a 2.
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Nice Ford F-700 Water Tender
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Anonymous said...

First of all this truck would be over weight unless you can convince the DOT officer that you have some kind of exemption. In the forestry dept even a 2500 gallon tank needs to been on a tandem axle truck. My 4100 gal water tender needed to have an additional lift axle installed to meet DOT and Forestry regulations. Depending on where this vehicle was used you might get away with using it without being ticketed, but if it ever saw a public road you'd get a BIG fine. Because of that, to answer your question, it's probably worth nothing unless you plan on parting it out or redesigning it in some way.

Keith Miller said...

Anonymous doesn't drive for me. We have several 2200 gallon single axel rigs on the road. all road legal and DOT certified.

david said...

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California Fire news said...

Running a two axle 2400 gallon Ford L-9000 with 2400 gallons, all CHP/DOT legal