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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Terrifying blaze engulfs trailer


Terrifying blaze engulfs trailer

A holidaying Caloundra family is devastated after losing about $20,000 worth of motocross gear when the trailer they were towing caught fire south-west of Brisbane.

Ken Jackson was travelling with his wife and two children on the Warrego Highway on Monday when he noticed "a flash of orange" through the luggage, blankets and pillows piled in the back of the vehicle.

"As I saw the glimpse of fire through the back window, my wife saw it in the side mirror," Mr Jackson said.

"It was terrifying."

The family pulled off the highway at Tivoli, near Ipswich.

A quick-thinking Ipswich Water truck driver emptied his truck's load over the blazing trailer as Mr Jackson called Triple 0.

Karana Downs acting fire station officer Des Sardie said the Jacksons were "very lucky" the water truck was on site.

"If the truck hadn't been there, the whole car would have gone up in flames, the blaze was so severe," Mr Sardie said.

The family was carrying four motocross bikes on the trailer, all of which were destroyed in what Mr Jackson described as a "heartbreaking" loss. The gear was not insured.

"We are devastated to have lost the bike gear, but it just could have been so much worse," Mr Jackson said.

His 10-year-old son Luke said he was devastated to lose his competition bike, having just been awarded third place in a south-east Queensland motocross event. He will now struggle to compete in the A-Grade Championships in two weeks.

"That one is the big deal," Mr Jackson said.

"We will have to pull out all stops to find something for him to ride, but it will be tough."

The trailer fire caused a 1km burn along the Brisbane-bound side of the highway near Tivoli, and even after firefighters extinguished the blaze, it reignited twice in the afternoon.

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