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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

$400,000 after a fire department tanker truck totaled

SHELTON -- The city will likely be out $400,000 after a fire department tanker truck full of water overturned on Chamberlain Drive on its way to a residential fire alarm in a non-hydrant area.

Assistant Fire Chief Mike Ullrich said the eight-year-old truck, carrying 300 gallons of water, was traveling south on Chamberlain toward the Deerfield Drive alarm at about 12:45 p.m., when "either mechanical failure or something happened and it rolled over."

The two firefighters inside received minor injuries and were taken to Bridgeport Hospital.

Their names were not immediately released.

The Deerfield Road automatic alarm was in a non-hydrant area, which was why the tanker truck was needed, Ullrich said.

Police and fire officials spent hours investigating the crash, and the truck was still lying on its driver's side near North Hemlock Road at 3 p.m., with Chamberlain closed on both sides.

Ullrich said the tanker appeared to have slid for an unknown distance before coming to rest.

"That can be replaced," he said, expressing his relief that no one was seriously hurt.

"But a life can't be replaced."

It took several hours to clear the scene.

No one at the Shelton Police Department was available for comment.

Ullrich said fire resources were redeployed around the city to compensate for the lost truck. It was the first major crash involving a Shelton fire truck that he knew of, he said, adding that the truck would likely be totaled and city is self-insured.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Arizona: RV destroyed in fire

An investigation is continuing into the cause of a Friday morning fire that destroyed a recreational vehicle on Interstate 8 west of Yuma.

A Winterhaven firefighter was sent to Yuma Regional Medical Center for treatment of smoke inhalation suffered while fighting the fire at 8:30 a.m. Arizona time, the Winterhaven Fire Department said.

The 24-foot RV was being driven to Pilot Knob when the fire started near the off-ramp of the Winterhaven Drive exit at I-8, the fire department said.

No other injuries were reported. The name of the RV driver and the firefighter were not available.

The Winterhaven Fire Department sent a fire engine and water tender to the scene. Yuma Fire Department also helped knock down the flames.

The RV was a total loss, the Winterhaven Fire Department said.

Source: RV destroyed in fire YumaSun - Link

Water Trucks and Water Tenders


CALIFORNIA FIRE NEWS: " A late-night fire tore through the crematorium Thursday night at Pajaro Valley Memorial Park on Hecker Pass.

The 11:42 p.m. two-alarm fire leveled the more than 1,000-square-foot building that was attached to the rear of the historic 1932 Pajaro Valley Mausoleum.

Battalion Chief Greg Estrada of Pajaro Valley Fire said that, when firefighters arrived at the scene, they were met with 30- to 40-foot flames rising up into the night sky above the mausoleum. Estrada said he quickly learned that the fire was actually coming from the back of the building, where the crematorium stood. He said firefighters went into a defensive attack because the building was engulfed in flames.

In fact, at one point, Estrada said, the crematorium building caved in on itself. The fire was not fully contained until 3:30 a.m. Friday. Firefighters had to use three rotating water tenders to haul in a lot of the water they needed.

No injuries were reported. Estrada said the cause of the fire is still under investigation and that foul play is not suspected.

Estrada added that firefighters took extra care to ensure that any possible trace of human remains at the crematorium was not disturbed. He said a worker at the facility informed him early on that no human remains were anywhere near the burn area and that the crematorium had long been switched off.

Firefighters and investigators were on the scene for a total of 12 hours.

By Friday afternoon, a Santa Cruz County building inspector had already cleared the mausoleum as being sound, without any sign of structural damage. Pat Carroll of Pajaro Valley Memorial Park said that, though the interior of the mausoleum sustained minor smoke damage, the integrity of all the crypts was intact and that cleanup operations were well under way Friday.

“It will probably take us about a week to get the building back in tidy order,” Carroll said. “We’re thankful the firefighters saved the mausoleum from damage.”

Estrada said firefighters used squeegees to clear away water and soot from the mausoleum.

Estrada said a caretaker on the property was awoken by a barking dog about 11:40 p.m. That’s when the caretaker spotted the flames and called for help.

Twenty-five firefighters from the Pajaro Valley, Cal Fire at Corralitos, Watsonville, Aptos/La Selva, Central, South Santa Clara County and North Monterey County Fire departments responded to the incident. Six engines, three water tenders and three chief officers were also at the scene.

Estrada said that the mausoleum contains 300-400 crypts and urns, but none of them were damaged.

“Because we wanted to maintain the integrity of the mausoleum, and not chase the flames into that building, we fought the fire from the rear and forced it away from the main structure,” Estrada said. “It was a coordinated effort that also involved slowly opening the mausoleum and then pushing the fire out away from the main building. Our efforts paid off.

“I’m really happy with the overall effort by all these agencies,” Estrada said. “When you bring all these people in from three different counties, it can get complex. But we were all working with the same goal, and it went smoothly.”

Source: - Link
*Photo by Tarmo Hannula*
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Texas: Fire engulfs home, responders run out of water

Texas: Fire engulfs home, responders run out of water

Photo by Gary Rhodes, The Midland Reporter-Telegram
By Audrie Palmer, The Midland Reporter-Telegram

A family of four watched in shock and horror Wednesday night as their doublewide mobile home was reduced to a pile of rubble and ash after an accidental fire broke out in a bedroom.

Jean Holley Cunningham, a mother of two, said her husband, children and a friend had just sat down in the living room when they heard a popping noise coming from a back bedroom.

Her 15-year-old daughter, authorities later said, had left two unattended burning candles on a shelf and on a dresser. The fire then spread from the bedroom down the hallway and within minutes had engulfed the entire three bedroom, two bath home.

Cunningham choked up as she recalled trying to gather animals, including a 7-week-old Chihuahua puppy and several cats, and get them out of the burning home as quickly as possible.

She added that she and her husband John have lived in the residence, located in the 11000 block of West County Road 149, for the last four years. Friends told the Reporter-Telegram the husband had just built the fencing around the front of the house and building a writing room near the back of the home for Jean and was in the process of completing the front deck.

Units with the Midland Fire Department responded to the scene around 7:23 p.m. The first responders, Tankers 2 and 4, can only carry a limited supply of water and each brought 2,000 gallons, which were quickly used up, Battalion Chief Ken Whitting said.

With no fire hydrants and a limited water supply — well water pumps in the area only pump out a few gallons of water per minute and cannot supply the fire trucks — Whitting said, crews had to wait for volunteers from both the Greenwood and Northeast Volunteer Fire Departments to bring in extra water.

A total of 12 units were brought in to help control the blaze. By press time, Midland County Fire Marshal Dale Little said the fire was contained and firefighters were mopping up hot spots.

The Midland County Crisis Intervention Unit was dispatched to the scene as well. The Cunningham family, with their home a complete loss, said they will be staying with other family members for the time being.

Raw footage and video from KWES, Midland

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Department handles field fire

Department handles field fire: Department handles field fire

Kevin Howell

YEOMAN - Monticello Firefighters responded to a field fire Wednesday morning in Carroll County between County Roads 825 North and 875 North on the east edge of Yeoman.
Monticello Fire Department Captain Steve Fisher said the cause of the blaze, which burned through several acres of corn stubble on the Scott farm, was unknown at the time.
Firefighters were hampered a bit by a moderate breeze said Fisher as a water truck ran back and forth across the field to control the burn along the edges of the fire.
Fisher also said there was little loss to the recently harvested corn field, and nearby structures including grain bins, a barn and house were protected from the fire.
A next door neighbor noted that the corn had been harvested just a day or two before."

Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghana Forestry Commission Gets very expensive Fire Tenders

Editor: These must be the most advanced water tenders in the world at this price! figure you can get a real nice brand new water tender for wildland use for around $100,000 here in California so maybe 1.5 millon dollars, for the dozen. Where did the rest of the money go? Can Anyone send in a photo of these beauties?

Forestry Commission Gets Fire Tenders | Ghana Official Portal:

Forestry Commission Gets Fire Tenders

The Minister for Lands, Forestry and Mines, Mrs Esther Obeng-Dapaah, yesterday in Accra, commissioned 12 Fire Tenders and Information Communication Technology (ICT) equipment.
The equipment, which were estimated at eight million Euros, were donated to the Forestry Commission by the Netherlands Government to ensure the management of wildfire in the country.
Commissioning the equipment, Mrs Obeng-Dapaah, commended the Government of Netherlands for their continued support to Ghana, saying that the equipment will be put to good use to ensure significant reduction in wildfires, improve livelihood and the global environment.
She observed that, since 2002, Government has put measures in place to manage wildfire in Ghana with support estimated at about twelve million Euros from the Kingdom of Netherlands to curb wildfire in the country.
According to the Minister, the first and only comprehensive National Fire Policy in Ghana, launched in February 2007 with support from the Netherlands government will go a long way to help the country.
The Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana, Lidi Remmelzwaal, who made the donation on behalf of the Government of Netherlands said the wildfire management project is aimed at rehabilitating forests through wildfire prevention and control.
She said the Wildlife Management Project (WFMP) which was set up in 2002 is part of a sector-wide approach in order to strengthen the forestry sector.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hauling sludge in a water truck

Water Plant Expansions

Our new water plant, which has been on line since October 19, has a sludge tank and up until now, we have been paying a company to haul off sludge. Not any more, as we had a water truck delivered to a makeshift loading ramp.
delivered to a makeshift loading ramp.Water Trucks and Water Tenders

Texas Woman dies in tanker crash

Danie M. Huffman

A head-on collision caused a woman’s death after a fire erupted from the crash on Highway 51 North Tuesday evening.

Leah Janeen Boehm, of Weatherford, was driving a 2002 Jeep Wrangler headed north.

Christopher Lee Brewer, of Seminole, Okla., was driving the tanker water truck headed south.

Brewer told Texas Department of Public Safety troopers Boehm veered into his lane. The preliminary report states Brewer also reportedly swerved to the right to avoid the collision, but she “kept coming.”

Witnesses said they heard three loud “booms,” at the time of impact and saw smoke.

“I can’t believe all that smoke came from one accident,” said Cristen Anders, who heard the crash. “It was something awful.”

Brewer was said to have been wearing his seatbelt. He suffered a fractured left leg, femur and broken left hand. He was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

Boehm was reportedly not wearing her seatbelt. She was pronounced dead on the scene by LifeCare paramedics. Her body was taken to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The tanker was completely destroyed in the blaze.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fire Tenders in Tanzania, Mwanza

TheCitizen Newspaper: One feared dead as lorry catches fire
A lorry carrying diesel goes up in flames at a filling station in Mwanza yesterday. It took firefighters from the Mwanza City Council and Mwanza Airport two hours to put out the blaze
By Patty Magubira, Mwanza

One person is feared to have died when a lorry having 15 drums of diesel caught fire in Mwanza yesterday.

Three others were injured in the incident that occurred at Moil Oil Industries Limited (MOIL) at the junction of Nyerere and Pamba roads.

The father of the victim, Mr Vitlan Sanjit, who operates a photo studio situated along Nyerere Road, said his son fainted as he tried to evacuate his family from the building housing the studio.

Reports from several members of the family later said he had died on his way to hospital. However, reporters could not verify them as hospital sources and the police were not ready to disclose any information.

"Harun was shocked by the billowing smoke from the burning lorry across the road," he said. He explained that his son's heartbeat had stopped well before he reached Aga Khan Hospital for treatment.

Harun's young brother, Asit Vitlan, had moments later fainted and was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital following a shock from reports of his brother's death.

"I have also been informed that one of my neighbours has just passed away and I am about to visit his family to confirm the reports," one of the MOIL directors, Mr Atlaf Mansoor, said shortly after the fire was extinguished.

He said it was too early to comment about the inferno as he was still waiting for a report from the petrol station management.

One of the three injured persons, according to Mr Mansoor, included a petrol station worker, one Sajar, who had inhaled fire-extinguishing chemicals as he tried to extinguish the inferno.

Others injured were Shaaban Saimon, 30, Ulimwengu Rashid, 49, and two others whose names could not be obtained immediately. They were all rushed to Weil Bugando Medical Centre (WBMC) for treatment, he said.

The fire broke out at about 1.45pm when the drums were being filled with the diesel in the ill-fated lorry. It was transporting it to Ngara District, Kagera Region.

Eyewitnesses said the cause of the Scania lorry catching fire was a cigarette that was being smoked by one of the turn-boys inside the lorry.

It belonged to a resident of Shinyanga Municipality, Mr Oshima Luhende,

Half of the petrol station�s roof and one pump were burnt before the inferno was extinguished at around 3.50 p.m. Fire tenders had to leave the area for over ten times to refill them with water.

Mr Mansoor commended the fire brigade, police officers and city residents for working hard to extinguish the inferno.

"I can't find the right way to thank them for the support they have all given us,"he said.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tanker driver killed in crash

By Donna Fielder / Staff Writer

A tanker truck driver died at the scene of a crash on West U.S. Highway 380 on Thursday night.

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Lonny Haschel said the 36-year-old Rhome man was driving a water tanker truck east on U.S. 380 near Ripy Road about 10 p.m. when the truck crossed the center line into oncoming traffic.

It is not clear what caused the truck to cross the yellow line, Haschel said. Positive identification of the victim is pending.

Haschel said the truck struck a trailer being pulled by a westbound Chevrolet pickup. The tanker veered off the north side of the highway, plunged down an embankment and rolled into a wooded area, where it struck several trees.

The cab of the 18-wheeler caught fire, Haschel said. The driver was declared dead at the scene.

The driver of the pickup was not injured.

Coffman Tank Trucks of Chico owns the tanker, according to reports. The accident still is under investigation.
Water Trucks and Water Tenders

Monday, October 13, 2008

CA-BDF-Waterman - Vegetation fire

CA-BDF-Waterman Canyon area - Vegetation fire

Location: 6205 Old Waterman Canyon Road, San Bernardino, Ca.
Resources: BDF engines 39,38,11,32,37,14, WTs 34, 12, crew 4, and 1. Aircraft on hold.
Cal Fire full response.
Fire put out by on-site Water tender.

Water Trucks and Water Tenders

Saturday, October 4, 2008

School bus versus water truck accident injures six students

Six children were hospitalized Thursday with non-life-threatening injuries in Bastrop County Texas when a Bastrop school bus struck a water truck.
The injured students were taken to Lakeside Hospital in Bastrop County.
According to Bastrop County Sheriff's deputies the accident happened on Texas-21 west of Texas-71.

Water Trucks and Water Tenders

Arizona: Fire Department Water Tenders

More Fire Department Water Tenders from
Arizona Fire Department Apparatus Wittmann Fire Department - Water Tender
Down the road from Wickenburg is the town of Wittmann. This GMC Water Tender is on their roster.
Photo credit: phil/las photo - link

Dolan Springs/ Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District -Water Tender
The Dolan Springs/ Lake Mohave Ranchos Fire District just placed into service this 2008 Kenworth/Fouts Brothers 1500/3500/60 Foam Water Tender
Photo credit: phil/las photo - link

Meadview Water Tender
Meadview also runs this 3500gwt Water Tender mounted on a Freightliner Chassis
Photo credit: phil/las photo - link

Water truck Bus Accident Injures Six

Bus Accident Injures Six

By: MetroSource News

(Bastrop County, TX) -- Six children were hospitalized Thursday with non-life-threatening injuries in Bastrop County when a Bastrop school bus struck a water truck.

The accident happened on Texas-21 west of Texas-71, according to Bastrop County Sheriff's deputies. The injured students were taken to Lakeside Hospital in Bastrop County. No other information was available.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Train Strikes Overturned Water Truck Near Itasca

A truck driver escaped injury after his rig overturned and then was struck by a train north of Itasca Friday night, September 12. A passerby on Highway 81 made the 9-1-1 call to the Hill County Sheriff's Department at 8:15 p.m.

Dean Ward of Frost attempted to turn his water truck off the highway onto HCR 4115 about four miles north of Itasca. The wheels of the trailer slipped off the culvert, and the rig flipped on its side with the cab resting on the railroad crossing.

An approaching northbound train applied its emergency brakes but couldn't stop before striking the truck and knocking it off the tracks. The engines went another quarter of a mile before the engineer got the train stopped.

Ward had exited the truck, which was carrying non-potable water to a natural-gas drill site, and was not injured. First responders from Itasca and Covington volunteer fire departments were dispatched.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Ronald Slay investigated. Assisting at the scene were Itasca and Covington police and Hill County Sheriff's Department deputies.

Water Trucks and Water Tenders

Friday, July 25, 2008

City of Manteca water truck retrieved in high speed chase

A City of Manteca water truck was stolen early Monday morning with officers pursuing the vehicle to Stockton via Tracy at high speeds.

Manteca Police Sergeant Mike Sexon first spotted a city water truck parked on Oak Avenue near Jessie Avenue at 2 a.m. along with a silver Thunderbird.

When the officer turned around to check the area the two vehicles drove westbound on Yosemite Avenue.

The city's white Dodge 2500 water service truck followed the Thunderbird to Union Road where police say the truck continued westbound on Yosemite Avenue and the Thunderbird turned north onto Union Road.

Sexon had closed in on the truck to make sure the driver wasn't a city employee before he activated his lights and siren.

Police said the truck sped toward the Highway 120 Bypass at a speed of 80 miles per hour. Two other Manteca units joined the chase on the 120 Bypass with the pursuit heading into Tracy on 205 and taking the MacArthur Boulevard offramp.

Officers said the vehicle doubled back under the overcrossing and drove back toward Manteca with speeds reaching 95 miles an hour. When the chase reached Lathrop Road CHP officers took over the pursuit and the Manteca officers backed off.

The chase ended in the 2600 block of Mumford Avenue in Stockton where the driver and passenger reportedly jumped out of the truck and ran into an open field.

Manteca canine officer William Mueller sent his dog "Bear" into the field after the suspects and ended up arresting a 17-year-old youth who was taken to San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall. The passenger escaped, police said.

Cutting the fence enclosure in addition to cutting the lock on the facility made entry to the city's corporation yard possible.
Source: Manteca - Glenn Kahl - Reporter - Original article Link

Water Trucks and Water Tenders

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Water Truck accident -Off the Railroad

Unknown driver rolls water truck off railroad tracks
By The Reporter, Vacaville
Article source

A one-track mind led to a precarious position for an unknown driver of a wayward water truck Friday morning in Cordelia.

Shortly after 7:30 a.m., someone driving an allegedly stolen water truck entered the railroad tracks near Cordelia and Pittman Roads and drove up to a mile, including crossing one bridge, before rolling the truck and falling four feet into a creek bed.

The truck's driver fled the scene before officers arrived and the rental truck was reported stolen later in the day, said California Highway Patrol officer Darren Carrington.

Railroad traffic was stopped for about two hours as the vehicle was towed from the creek and a trestle broken in the accident was repaired. The tracks carry only freight trains that run between Fairfield and Napa.

Carrington said the department was investigating the reported theft of the truck but hadn't yet ruled out whether the Suisun man who rented it was responsible for the incident. He said the man's listed address was a short distance from where the truck is believed to have entered the tracks.

"Whether or not the vehicle was stolen, we don't know yet," Carrington said. "Whether he's the driver or not, we don't know that either."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ryegate's fire station burns down

Missoulian: Ryegate's fire station burns down

Ryegate's fire station burns down
Posted on June 23

By the Associated Press

RYEGATE - Residents of Ryegate have limited fire protection after a fire destroyed the fire hall, two trucks and the volunteer fire crew's equipment, Golden Valley Sheriff Floyd Fisher said Monday.

Fisher, who is also Ryegate's fire chief, estimated Friday evening's fire caused between $750,000 and $1 million in damage. The building is insured, he said.

"It was bad," Fisher said. "The firemen that did respond had to try and do stuff without any personal protection gear. Crews were able to get the pump started on a water tender that was sitting outside the fire hall and pumped water on an adjacent ambulance barn and propane tank.

"All the keys for that truck and the other trucks sitting outside were inside the fire hall that was burning," Fisher said. "There was no way to move any of those vehicles until we had some local people, volunteers that came, hooked chains to the vehicles and yanked them out of the way."

Fisher said the volunteer fire department lost a structure fire truck and a first response truck along with all its firefighting gear and equipment.

"I have borrowed a mini pumper so that we could respond to a structure fire," Fisher said. "However, I don't have enough hose to get to all the structures here in Ryegate because half the town does not have fire hydrants."

He noted a 600-foot fire hose burned in the blaze.

The cause of the blaze remains under investigation, but Fisher said he does not suspect foul play.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Woman Killed in accident with Fire dept. Water Tender

Traffic accident: Woman Killed When Water Tender Runs Stop Sign

A female motorist in Arizona was killed when a fire department water tender went through a stop sign and struck her car.

The accident occurred when a loaded water tender was responding with its warning lights and sirens on. As the driver of the tender approached an intersection, he ran a stop sign and the apparatus struck an auto driven by a woman. The woman was extricated and taken to a hospital, but died shortly thereafter of her injuries. The firefighter driving the tender was injured slightly in the accident.

The tender was responding to a car fire.

Weekend brush fire extinguished with a little tender help

There's no question summer has officially begun here in the Mojave Desert, and for Pahrump Valley Fire Rescue Service, that means more than long days of unrelenting heat.

It also means it's brush fire season, when dry weather combined with winds cause brittle desert brush to be ample fodder for dangerous fires that spread rapidly.

According to Fire Chief Scott Lewis, Pahrump firefighters were dispatched Sunday to a brush ire about a mile into the desert west of the intersection of Plantation Street and Thousandaire Boulevard.

Upon the first PVFRS engine's arrival it was established the fire was burning on Bureau of Land Management land and the BLM fire station was duly notified.

The Pahrump firefighters used two "brush trucks" (engines specifically designed to navigate desert terrain and fight brush fires) and a water tender to control the fire.

The BLM fire department soon arrived and firefighters from both departments successfully extinguished the fire and the BLM assumed command

"It was very rough terrain, but fortunately through our design process and our practice utilizing four-wheel vehicles, it wasn't too bad," Lewis said. "The crews did a really good job and worked with BLM."

Lewis said called the fire "pretty dramatic looking from the command post," saying the flames reached up to 10 feet.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Highs are expected to be in the 100-degree range now, so the likelihood of further such fires is up -- just like the temperatures.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

, on the scene douses fire - Milner Landfill

Steamboat Springs — A fire that broke out Monday night at the Milner Landfill is suspected to be caused by the improper disposal of combustible materials and was safely contained by landfill employees early Tuesday morning.

“It must’ve been a load of trash that came in as what we term ‘hot,’ possibly oily debris or construction waste,” Milner Landfill general manager David Epstein said.

Landfill employees were able to handle the blaze on their own, thanks to the presence of the landfill’s own heavy equipment and water tender. The fire was contained by about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Crews removed the ignited trash from the dump site where the fire began, then transferred the trash to another location where it was doused with water and buried, effectively putting the fire out, Epstein said.

Wildfire News Idaho: 35 acres - Big Little Ranches

On Monday, fire crews from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Twin Falls District Fire responded to a wildfire that ignited near the Big Little Ranches subdivision along U.S. Highway 93 north of Twin Falls.

The crews were able to keep the blaze to 35 acres, a BLM news release states. Responding to the blaze were three wildland fire engines, a helicopter with helitack crew and a water tender. Jerome Rural Fire Department also assisted with the fire suppression efforts.

Because there were no lightning strikes in the area, the incident has been determined to be human-caused. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Fire crews suppressed the blaze once it reached the southbound edge of Highway 93. According to the BLM, the fire was declared contained at 2 p.m.

Firefighters fought the blaze with a water tender

TAMPA — A house in rural Odessa burned to the ground Tuesday evening as firefighters scrambled to find a source of water to help fight the blaze.

No one was home at 19502 Pine Valley Drive at the time of the fire, but two dogs and two cats perished in the blaze, said Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Capt. Bruce Delk.

Firefighters arrived at the house at 6:16 p.m. to find flames shooting through the roof and the house already largely engulfed in flames, Delk said. To make matters worse, the closest fire hydrant was nearly a half-mile away, he said.

The first fire crews fought the blaze with a water tender while other firefighters uncoiled more than 2,000 feet of hose to reach the hydrant. Eight units responded to the blaze, with 24 firefighters on scene.

A motor home and a detached garage were saved, though the house itself was a total loss, Delk said.

"The only things that were left standing were the outside walls," he said. "The inside was totally devastated."

The one-story house, a 2,120-square-foot, single-family home with three bedrooms, was built in 1987, according to county records. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Source: Link

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

That's the story and we are sticking to it...

"The engine overheated and stalled. It popped out of gear?, rolled backwards and without the engine running the power brakes were out?. Fortunately, our most experienced (standard shift) truck driver was at the wheel and he put it in the ditch to keep him and the two firefighters onboard from getting hurt,"

The department's 1983 wildlands truck was heavily damaged May 8 while trying to get to a brush fire on Shields Mountain. It will probably be declared a total loss by the insurance company.
CATON'S CHAPEL - The loss of its wildlands brush fire truck has crippled Caton's Chapel Volunteer Fire Department, and while a weekend fund raiser provided some relief, it was not nearly enough to re-equip the department for dealing with the most common type of fire it faces.
Fire Chief J.R. Romer said Saturday's car show and silent auction raised $2,100, and together with $5,000 already raised will put them on the path toward the purchase of a new wildlands truck expected to cost a minimum of $70,000.
Attendance for the fund raiser was a bit slow during the morning but Romer said the silent auction picked up in the afternoon.
"We had some real nice stuff; artwork, tires, cabin stays, beautiful things. I can't thank the merchants in Sevierville, Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge enough; they made the auction possible for us. In a time when the merchants themselves are having a tough time, they still keep on giving, and we are so grateful to them," he said.
Romer said the department's 1983 wildlands truck was heavily damaged May 8 while trying to get to a brush fire on Shields Mountain. It will probably be declared a total loss by the insurance company.
"The grade on that road is about 30 percent and that was the main reason for the accident. Going up that grade carrying 1,500 gallons of water you've got to be in low gear and the engine overheated and stalled. It popped out of gear?, rolled backwards and without the engine running the power brakes were out. Fortunately, our most experienced (standard shift) truck driver was at the wheel and he put it in the ditch to keep him and the two firefighters onboard from getting hurt," said Romer.
Lt. Jeremy Adkins said that without the truck, the 20-member department has had to resort to driving their personal vehicles loaded with hand lines and hand equipment like chain saws to fight the brush fires that must be accessed via steep roads.
"We have no water to use except 5-gallon backpacks," said Adkins. "The community is really backing us though. They've been very helpful and let us use their garden hoses. A lot of them know how critical it is without the brush truck, and we've already had homes threatened. ... We've had 50 brush fires so far this year and we expect to get at least 200 calls this year because we've already doubled our responses from this time last year."
Caton's Chapel also relies on other departments in Blount and Sevier counties to respond with their trucks, but, continued Adkins, "Without the truck, a 30-minute job becomes a two hour job, and a quarter-acre fire can turn into a 20-acre fire real quick. It's a big hurt for our department not to have a brush truck."

Source: By: CANDICE GRIMM Staff Writer mountain Press Article

Monday, June 16, 2008

Water-Tender Accident Injures Two Firefighters

Firefighters injured in water tender roll-over accident

(CFN) - Two firefighters in Wisconsin were injured when a fire department water tender rolled while negotiating a curve on its way to a fire.

According to reports, the water tender was traveling too fast when it entered a curve. The apparatus then rolled and hit a tree, injuring both occupants. One firefighter was able to crawl out of the damaged cab, but the driver had to be extricated.

The fire was in a shed.

Water Trucks and Water Tenders

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Water truck rolls over on Highway 175

Lake County California - Water truck News - Water truck rolls over on Highway 175

COBB – An overturned water truck resulted in no injuries and a minor traffic slowdown on Monday morning.

The Epidendio water truck was reported overturned on Highway 175 heading westbound toward Cobb at about 8:30 a.m., according to the California Highway Patrol and an eyewitness, Cobb resident Roger Kinney.

CHP Officer Adam Garcia said the truck had a flat tire. The driver pulled over, getting too close to the ditch, and the truck tipped over.

There was no injuries, said Garcia.

Kinney said as he passed through the area at around 10:15 a.m., traffic control was in effect, with about 10-minute delays, and the truck was being uprighted.

Original Link - Lake county News

Written by Elizabeth Larson E-mail

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fatal TC: Responding Apparatus Crash - Water Tender

Fatal Responding Apparatus Crash (From The Secret List)
The Secret List - Link -5-20-08 / 1744 hours
Hey... A 60-year-old woman was killed Saturday night after being struck by a responding Rural/Metro Fire vehicle in Pima Count, AZ..
The Fire tender (support vehicle) was on its way to a car fire, using lights and sirens, just before 1900 hours when police say, the apparatus driver ran a stop sign.
The Firefighter who was driving the tender suffered minor injuries and has since been placed on paid administrative leave. An engine company that was responding to the car fire initially was able to handle the fire.
No citations have been issued, the sheriff's traffic unit is investigating and will turn the case over to the Pima County Attorney's Office to determine if charges will be filed.
Considering all the recent apparatus crashes, what do YOU THINK the apparatus drivers would do, if given the chance, to do it again? Yeah-exactly.

Take Care-BE CAREFUL. STOP at Red lights and STOP signs....these outcomes are not worth the rush. BillyG

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Two firefighters hurt as truck rolls over

Two firefighters hurt as truck rolls over
TOWN OF NEWARK - A water tanker truck from the Orfordville Fire Department rolled over while responding to a fire and two firefighters were injured Monday.

Chad Cleasby, 31, of Orfordville, was flown by React helicopter to Rockford Memorial Hospital after the accident, and Michael Ponkauska, 54, of Orfordville was taken to Beloit Memorial Hospital. Both had non-life-threatening injuries.

The firefighters were responding at about 1:30 p.m. to a report of a vehicle on fire in a shed at 8314 W. St. Lawrence Road, about five miles west of Beloit. The truck full of water was southbound on South County Road H just south of West Mill Pond Road where the road makes an 80 degree turn to the right. An ambulance and fire truck made the sharp turn. However, as the tender truck made the turn it rolled over on County Road H. Several citizens saw the crash and called 911 and assisted the firefighters. Town of Beloit Police and Rock County Sheriff's Department officers responded to the accident.

Cleasby had freed himself from the cab, but Ponkauskas remained trapped in the cab until extrication equipment arrived.

The Rock County Sheriff's Department is conducting the investigation. Preliminary investigations indicate speed was a factor in the crash.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wisconsin: Tanker rollover - Two Firefighters injured

Two Firefighters were injured after a fire tanker overturned on its way to a fire in the Town of Newark yesterday (Monday) and they became pinned inside. Rock County authorities said that the driver of the apparatus apparently took a curve too fast. One of the victims was taken by MedFlight to a hospital while the other was rushed to a local hospital. Both Firefighters suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1990 Seagrave - new yellow fire truck

Pine Village Fire Department has a new yellow fire truck. -
New truck means more water to fight fire

Pine Village Fire Chief Larry Brewer said the new truck is a 1990 Seagrave, is automatic with a diesel engine and a six person cab.

The truck's best feature, according to the department's chief, is the truck will carry 1,250 gallons of water. He added that the truck will replace a 1979 GMC model which has a 1,000 gallon tank. The old truck was sold to a fire department in Sheridan.

"They're supposed to pick it up next week," Brewer said. "It's still a good old truck. We just wanted to get something newer and better.. I'm just trying to keep the department updated," Brewer said that the truck will could also mean better ISO ratings for the station.

The Pine Village Fire Department runs on a tanker aid system meaning that the truck carries water to the fire rather than relying a water supply at the scene.
"We have no fire hydrants, all the water comes off the tanker aid," Brewer said. The Pine Village Fire Department, located at 31 Airport Road, relies on several pieces of equipment to get water including two conventional pumpers, two 2,000 gallon tanker (trucks), two bus trucks and a service truck.

Brewer added, "We've got mutual aid with several departments that have 2,000 gallon tankers Liberty, Satillo each have 2,000 gallon tankers, 286 has a 1,000 gallon tanker, Wescon has a 1,000 gallon tanker," who will bring water if Pine Village needs assistance.

The 17-person volunteer fire station offers aid to 560 homes in south Conway, "and then we got to Mayflower's north city limits," Brewer said.

1st Security Bank financed the purchase of the used truck and the volunteers couldn't be happier.

"We're real happy to have this at our fire district now," Brewer said. "Hopefully within two weeks it will be in service we'll have all the hose and everything on it and be running it to fires."

To get the truck in service, Brewer said the department will have to install fire extinguishers, fill the bins with equipment and fill the truck with 1400 feet of hose. "We were, at one time, having two or three men going to the station and getting trucks and everyone else was going to the fire in their personal vehicles," Brewer said.

With less equipment and more water, the truck will save more homes.

"We're moving up," Brewer saiWater Trucks and Water Tenders

Friday, March 28, 2008

FF LODD Apparatus Crash, Recruits Injured @ Training (The Secret List)

FF LODD Apparatus Crash, Recruits Injured @ Training (THe Secret List) "We regret to advise you that a fire tanker overturned while responding to a mobile home fire just north of Shreveport this morning, killing the apparatus driver. Firefighter Eric Speed, 33 was killed in the Line of Duty. The crash happened in a 90-degree curve of a roadway. Cops said Speed, a member of Caddo Fire District 2, was responding to assist a neighboring department with a mobile home fire when the crash happened shortly before 1000 Hours. The 3,000-gallon tanker struck a tree and came to rest on its side. Our sincere condolences to all affected, especially the family of FF Speed. Details will be posted late"


Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Group 5

Sheet 1: Group 2
1 151.4450 0.0 H W SCU LOCAL CDF SCU LOCAL
2 151.3700 0.0 H W CZU LOCAL CDF CZU LOCAL
3 151.3400 0.0 H W LNU EAST CDF LNU EAST NET
4 151.3550 0.0 H W CDF CMD 1 CDF COMMAND 1
5 151.2650 0.0 H W CDF CMD 2 CDF COMMAND 2
6 151.1600 0.0 L W CDF TAC 2 CDF TAC 2
7 151.3250 0.0 L W CDF TAC 6 CDF TAC 6
8 151.3850 0.0 L W CDF TAC 9 CDF TAC 9
9 159.2250 0.0 L W CDF TAC 14 CDF TAC 14
10 151.2200 0.0 H W CDF A/G CDF AIR TO GND NET
13 152.3525 DPL143 H N TRY CMD TRACY 04/2007
14 155.8950 136.5 H W TRY TAC 1 TRACY 04/2007
15 158.8950 82.5 H W TRY TAC 2 TRACY 04/2007
16 154.1300 110.9 H W LIFECOM 2007 XSJ TRY DISPATCH AMR
17 160.1100 0.0 H W CCC CC Contra Costa Co Cmd Central
18 159.6150 0.0 H W CCC CE Contra Costa Co Cmd East
19 159.7350 0.0 H W CCC CW Contra Costa Co Cmd West
20 154.3850 0.0 H W CCC TAC A Contra Costa Co Tac A
21 156.0450 0.0 H W CCC TAC B Contra Costa Co Tac B
22 153.8150 0.0 H W CCC TAC C Contra Costa Co Tac C
23 153.8300 0.0 H W CCC TAC D Contra Costa Co Tac D

"PWR" - TX Power level

H = Normal

L = Low (5-10 watts)

X = No TX authorized

"W/N" = Bandwidth

W = Wide (16K0F3E)

N = Narrow (11K2F3E)


T1=110.9 Hz
T9=100.0 Hz

T2=123.0 Hz
T10=107.2 Hz

T3=131.8 Hz
T11=114.8 Hz

T4=136.5 Hz
T12=127.3 Hz

T5=146.2 Hz
T13=141.3 Hz

T6=156.7 Hz
T14=151.4 Hz

T7=167.9 Hz
T15=162.2 Hz

T8=103.5 Hz
T16=192.8 Hz

Sheet 2: Group 3

151.3550 0.0 H W 1 CDF C1 CDF COMMAND 1

151.2650 0.0 H W 2 CDF C2 CDF COMMAND 2

151.3400 0.0 H W 3 CDF C3 CDF COMMAND 3

151.4000 0.0 H W 4 CDF C4 CDF COMMAND 4

151.3700 0.0 H W 5 CDF C5 CDF COMMAND 5

151.2500 0.0 H W 6 CDF C6 CDF COMMAND 6

151.4600 0.0 H W 7 CDF C7 CDF COMMAND 7

151.4450 0.0 H W 8 CDF C8 CDF COMMAND 8

151.1750 0.0 H W 9 CDF C9 CDF COMMAND 9

151.1900 0.0 H W 10 CDF C10 CDF COMMAND 10

151.3850 0.0 H W 11 MEU L CDF MEU LOCAL NET

151.2500 0.0 H W 12 HUU L CDF HUU LOCAL NET

151.3400 0.0 H W 14 LNU EAST CDF LNU EAST NET

151.4600 0.0 H W 14B LNU WEST CDF LNU WEST NET

151.0400 0.0 H W 15 MRN MARIN CO. MU AID NET

151.4450 0.0 H W 16 SCU L CDF SCU LOCAL

151.3700 0.0 H W 17 CZU L CDF CZU LOCAL

151.4000 0.0 H W 21 BTU L CDF BTU LOCAL NET


151.2500 0.0 H W 22 LMU L CDF LMU LOCAL NET

151.3250 0.0 H W 23 NEU WEST CDF NEU LOCAL NET

154.1300 131.8 H W 23B NEU EAST NEU EAST NET

151.1600 0.0 H W 24 SHU L CDF SHU LOCAL NET

151.3700 0.0 H W 25 TGU L CDF TGU LOCAL NET

151.3250 0.0 H W 26 SKU L CDF SKU LOCAL NET

151.1900 0.0 H W 27 AEU L CDF AEU LOCAL NET

154.4300 186.2 H W 27B XED CMD El Dorado OA CMD Net

153.9350 123.0 H W 27C XAM CMD Amador OA CMD Net

151.3850 0.0 H W 31 RRU 1 W CDF RRU LOCAL NET West1

151.1750 0.0 H W 31B RRU 2 CDF RRU LOCAL NET # 2

151.1300 0.0 H N 31C RRU 3 E CDF RRU LOCAL East NET 3

151.1900 0.0 H W 33 MVU L CDF MVU LOCAL NET

151.3250 0.0 H W 34 SLU L CDF SLU CMD NET


151.4450 0.0 H W 35 BDU 1 CDF BDU LOCAL NET # 1

151.3250 0.0 H N 35B BDU 2 CDF BDU LOCAL NET #2

151.2500 0.0 H W 35C BDU 3 CDF BDU LOCAL NET #3

151.1900 0.0 H W 41 TUU L CDF TUU LOCAL NET

154.0100 0.0 H W 41B TLC TLC/TUU DISPATCH

151.4600 0.0 H W 42 MMU L CDF MMU LOCAL NET

151.3850 0.0 H W 43 FKU 1 CDF FKU LOCAL 1 NET

151.1600 0.0 H W 43B FKU 2 CDF FKU LOCAL 2 NET

154.4450 0.0 H N 43C FKU DST1 FKU / FCO DISPATCH

151.1750 0.0 H W 44 TCU L CDF TCU LOCAL NET

151.2500 0.0 H W 46 BEU L CDF BEU LOCAL NET

151.1450 0.0 L N 53 CDF T1 CDF TAC 1

151.1600 0.0 L W 54 CDF T2 CDF TAC 2

151.1750 0.0 L W 55 CDF T3 CDF TAC 3

151.1900 0.0 L W 56 CDF T4 CDF TAC 4

151.2500 0.0 L W 57 CDF T5 CDF TAC 5

151.3250 0.0 L W 58 CDF T6 CDF TAC 6

151.3400 0.0 L W 59 CDF T7 CDF TAC 7

151.3700 0.0 L W 60 CDF T8 CDF TAC 8

151.3850 0.0 L W 61 CDF T9 CDF TAC 9

151.4000 0.0 L W 62 CDF T10 CDF TAC 10

151.4450 0.0 L W 63 CDF T11 CDF TAC 11

151.4600 0.0 L W 64 CDF T12 CDF TAC 12

151.4750 0.0 L N 65 CDF T13 CDF TAC 13

159.2250 0.0 L W 66 CDF T14 CDF TAC 14

159.2700 0.0 L W 67 CDF T15 CDF TAC 15

159.2850 0.0 L W 68 CDF T16 CDF TAC 16

159.3150 0.0 L W 69 CDF T17 CDF TAC 17

159.3450 0.0 L W 70 CDF T18 CDF TAC 18

159.3600 0.0 L W 71 CDF T19 CDF TAC 19

159.3750 0.0 L W 72 CDF T20 CDF TAC 20

159.3900 0.0 L W 73 CDF T21 CDF TAC 21

159.4050 0.0 L W 74 CDF T22 CDF TAC 22

159.4500 0.0 L W 75 CDF T23 CDF TAC 23

172.3750 0.0 H N 78 FS ANF USFS Angeles NF

171.4750 0.0 H N 79 FS BDF USFS San Bernardino NF

168.7500 0.0 H N 80 FS CNF USFS Cleveland NF *

171.5250 0.0 H N 81 FS ENF USFS El Dorado NF

168.1250 0.0 H N 82 FS INF USFS Inyo NF

164.1750 0.0 H N 83 FS KNF USFS Klamath NF

172.2250 0.0 H N 84 FS LNF USFS Lassen NF

170.5500 0.0 H N 85 FS LPF USFS Los Padres NF

168.7500 0.0 H N 86 FS MDF USFS Modoc NF

171.5500 0.0 H N 87 FS MNF USFS Mendocino NF FIRENET

170.5500 0.0 H N 88 FS PNF USFS Plumas NF

171.5750 0.0 H N 89 FS SHF USFS Shasta-Trinity NF

172.2250 0.0 H N 90 FS SNF USFS Sierra NF

168.7250 0.0 H N 91 FS SRF USFS Six Rivers NF

168.7500 0.0 H N 92 FS STF USFS Stanislaus NF

168.7750 0.0 H N 93 FS SQF USFS Sequoia NF

172.3750 0.0 H N 94 FS TMU USFS Lake Tahoe Mgmt Unit

168.7750 0.0 H N 95 FS TNF USFS Tahoe NF

169.8750 0.0 H N 96 FS TOF USFS Toiyabe NF


168.0500 0.0 L N 99 NIFC T1 NIFC TAC 1

168.2000 0.0 L N 100 NIFC T2 NIFC TAC 2

168.6000 0.0 L N 101 NIFC T3 NIFC TAC 3

164.1375 0.0 L N 102 NIFC T4 NIFC TAC 4

166.7250 0.0 L N 103 NIFC T5 NIFC TAC 5

166.7750 0.0 L N 104 NIFC T6 NIFC TAC 6

168.2500 0.0 L N 105 NIFC T7 NIFC TAC 7

173.9125 0.0 L N 106 FSR5 T4 USFS RGN 5 TAC 4

173.9625 0.0 L N 107 FSR5 T5 USFS RGN 5 TAC 5

173.9875 0.0 L N 108 FSR5 T6 USFS RGN 5 TAC 6

168.7000 0.0 L N 109 NIFC C1 NIFC CMD 1

168.1000 0.0 L N 110 NIFC C2 NIFC CMD 2

168.0750 0.0 L N 111 NIFC C3 NIFC CMD 3

166.6125 0.0 L N 112 NIFC C4 NIFC CMD 4

167.1000 0.0 L N 113 NIFC C5 NIFC CMD 5

168.4750 0.0 L N 114 NIFC C6 NIFC CMD 6

162.9625 0.0 L N 115 NIFC C7 NIFC CMD 7

166.7500 0.0 H N 116 BLM LAW BLM LAW NET

166.3750 0.0 H N 117 BLM ADM BLM ADMIN NET

166.4875 0.0 H N 118 BLMFIRE BLM FIRE NET

168.3500 0.0 L N 119 168.350 USFS Common User 1

163.1000 0.0 L N 120 163.100 USFS Common User 2

168.5500 0.0 L N 121 168.550 USFS NIMS Calling Channel

151.2200 0.0 L N 123 CDF A/G CDF Air to Ground NET

167.9500 0.0 L N 124 BLM A/G BLM Air to Ground NET

170.0000 0.0 L N 125 FS A/G USFS Air to Ground NET

166.6750 0.0 x N 127 AIR T1 AIR TACTICS 1 RX ONLY

169.1500 0.0 x N 128 AIR T2 AIR TACTICS 2 RX ONLY

169.2000 0.0 x N 129 AIR T3 AIR TACTICS 3 RX ONLY

151.2800 0.0 x N 130 AIR T4 AIR TACTICS 4 RX ONLY

151.2950 0.0 x N 131 AIR T5 AIR TACTICS 5 RX ONLY

151.3100 0.0 x N 132 AIR T6 AIR TACTICS 6 RX ONLY

151.2725 0.0 x N 133 AIR T21 NEW NB AIR TAC RX ONLY

151.2875 0.0 x N 134 AIR T22 NEW NB AIR TAC RX ONLY

168.6250 0.0 L N 135 GUARD AIR GUARD - emerg. use only

171.7500 0.0 H N 136 BNP NPS Lava Beds NP

171.7000 0.0 H N 137 CNP NPS Channel Is. NP

170.1000 0.0 H N 138 DVP NPS Death Valley NP

164.8000 0.0 H N 139 GNP NPS Golden Gate NRA

164.8000 0.0 H N 140 JMP NPS John Muir NHS

171.6750 0.0 H N 141 JTP NPS Joshua Tree NP

164.7500 0.0 H N 142 KNP 1 NPS Sequoia-Kings Cyn 1

164.8000 0.0 H N 143 KNP 2 NPS Sequoia-Kings Cyn 2

170.0750 0.0 H N 144 LNP NPS Lassen Volcanic NP

170.0500 0.0 H N 145 PIP NPS Pinnacles NM

170.0500 0.0 H N 146 RNP NPS Point Reyes NP

165.1625 0.0 H N 147 RWP NPS Redwood NP

172.5250 0.0 H N 148 SMP NPS Santa Monica Mtns NP

165.3125 0.0 H N 149 WNP NPS Whiskeytown NRA

172.7750 0.0 H N 150 YNP NPS Yosemite NP

154.1600 0.0 H W 151 OES 1A OES FIRE 1A

154.1600 0.0 H W 152 OES 1B OES FIRE 1B

154.2200 0.0 H W 153 OES 2A OES FIRE 2A

154.2200 0.0 H W 154 OES 2B OES FIRE 2B

156.0750 0.0 H W 155 CALCORD CALCORD

155.7525 0.0 H N 156 VCALL VHF INTEROP

151.1375 0.0 L N 157 VTAC 1 VHF INTEROP

154.4525 0.0 L N 158 VTAC 2 VHF INTEROP

158.7375 0.0 L N 159 VTAC 3 VHF INTEROP

159.4725 0.0 L N 160 VTAC 4 VHF INTEROP

154.2800 0.0 H W 161 WHITE 1 WHITE FIRE 1

154.2650 0.0 H W 162 WHITE 2 WHITE FIRE 2

154.2950 0.0 H W 163 WHITE 3 WHITE FIRE 3

153.7550 0.0 H W 164 CESRS CA TRAVEL NET

Legend: Red characters are actual changes, Blue indicates order or sorting changes only
Spreadsheet layout has inconsistent line breaks for ease of printing and matching to the BK HT 20 ch. Groups.
"PWR" - TX Power level

H = Normal

CDF Unit # Channel #

L = Low (5-10 watts)

Name w/ Call Sign

X = No TX authorized

27 AEU Camino

35 BDU San Bernardino
"W/N" = Bandwidth

46 BEU Monterey

W = Wide (16K0F3E)

21 BTU Oroville

N = Narrow (11K2F3E)

17 CZU Felton

43 FKU Fresno

12 HUU Fortuna
T1=110.9 Hz
T9=100.0 Hz

22 LMU Susanville
T2=123.0 Hz
T10=107.2 Hz

14 LNU St. Helena
T3=131.8 Hz
T11=114.8 Hz

11 MEU Howard Forrest
T4=136.5 Hz
T12=127.3 Hz

42 MMU Mariposa
T5=146.2 Hz
T13=141.3 Hz

33 MVU Monte Vista
T6=156.7 Hz
T14=151.4 Hz

23 NEU Grass Valley
T7=167.9 Hz
T15=162.2 Hz

31 RRU Perris
T8=103.5 Hz
T16=192.8 Hz

16 SCU Morgan Hill

24 SHU Redding

26 SKU Yreka

34 SLU San Luis

44 TCU San Andreas

25 TGU Red Bluff

41 TUU Visalia
Sheet 3: Group 4
154.4150 131.8 H W NPA FIRE NAPA CO FIRE
H W NEU E SUP Truckee Fire Repeated TAC
155.8800 167.9 H N KRN CH 1 Kern Co FD Dispatch
155.6250 167.9 H N KRN CH 3 Kern Co 3
151.0850 136.5 H W OC ACCESS Orange County ACCESS
153.7700 110.9 H W SBC DISP Santa Barbara CO DISPATCH
153.9050 110.9 H W SBC CMD/TAC2 S.B. CO. CMD/TAC Ch 2
153.9800 110.9 H W SBC CMD/TAC3 S.B. CO.CMD/TAC Ch 3
154.3250 100.0 H W VNC CMND 2 VENTURA CO. CMD 2
154.1000 100.0 H W VNC CMND 4 VENTURA CO. CMD 4

Ch 18 available

Ch 19 available

Ch 20 available
Sheet 4: Group 5
151.4600 0.0 H W MMU L CDF MMU LOCAL NET
151.3550 0.0 H W CDF CMD 1 CDF COMMAND 1
151.2650 0.0 H W CDF CMD 2 CDF COMMAND 2
151.1600 0.0 L W CDF TAC 2 CDF TAC 2
151.3250 0.0 L W CDF TAC 6 CDF TAC 6
151.3850 0.0 L W CDF TAC 9 CDF TAC 9
159.2250 0.0 L W CDF TAC 14 CDF TAC 14
151.2200 0.0 H W CDF A/G CDF AIR TO GND NET
152.3525 DPL143 H N TRY CMD 2007 TRACY COMMAND
155.8950 136.5 H W TRY TAC 1 2007 TRACY TAC 1
158.8950 82.5 H W TRY TAC 2 2007 TRACY TAC 2
154.4300 0.0 H W WSF CH 2 STAN CMD 2
153.8900 0.0 H W WSF TAC STAN TAC 10

"PWR" - TX Power level

H = Normal

L = Low (5-10 watts)

X = No TX authorized

"W/N" = Bandwidth

W = Wide (16K0F3E)

N = Narrow (11K2F3E)


T1=110.9 Hz
T9=100.0 Hz

T2=123.0 Hz
T10=107.2 Hz

T3=131.8 Hz
T11=114.8 Hz

T4=136.5 Hz
T12=127.3 Hz

T5=146.2 Hz
T13=141.3 Hz

T6=156.7 Hz
T14=151.4 Hz

T7=167.9 Hz
T15=162.2 Hz

T8=103.5 Hz
T16=192.8 Hz
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Firefighting Foam contaminates water supply

CALIFORNIA FIRE NEWS: U.S. News: Firefighting Foam contaminates water supply

Fire trucks' water pressure overwhelmed the city's drinking supply lines and pushed fire-suppression foam into them as firefighters tried to extinguish a burning Strip District warehouse, Pittsburgh's director of public safety said Wednesday.

Two pumper trucks were connected to fire hydrants for a long time Tuesday afternoon, said Public Safety Director Mike Huss, and as the pressure built up in the truck lines, it overwhelmed the drinking water lines' force.

"It's highly unusual, and we're surprised that it did it," Huss said.

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority advised people Downtown and in the Strip District not to use water for a few hours into yesterday morning, until the foam could be flushed from the system.

Ingesting less than an ounce of the biodegradable foam wouldn't pose a health threat, but it can irritate skin and eyes, said Bob Hutton, a project coordinator for the authority. Callers began complaining about soapy-looking water Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters allowed the four-alarm fire, which started Tuesday morning in the former Otto Milk Co. complex at 25th and Smallman streets, to burn overnight because of difficulties extinguishing it in cork- and foam-insulated walls. The building continued smoldering yesterday.

Fire Chief Darryl Jones said he had not seen the foam problem in the 20 years he has fought fires.

"We are going to make some adjustments to make sure it doesn't happen again," he said.

The fire apparently started when a construction crew's cutting torch ignited insulation in the building, the construction crew manager said. The building's owner, Jack Benoff, was gutting the building and plans to convert it to condominiums.

Source: Full story and updates at:

Firefighting Foam contaminates water supply

Fire foam contaminates water supply

Friday, January 11, 2008

Six minutes for Safety - Parking Safely on Slopes
Parking Safely on Slopes
In 2005, three fireline fatalities related to improper parking on slopes occurred. One involved a
water tender, another a fire engine, and the third was a command vehicle. In wildland fire
operations, we frequently exit vehicles quickly, but it is imperative that anytime a vehicle is left
unattended, time is taken to assure it is parked safely and will not present a hazard to ourselves
or others. Standard operating procedures for parking vehicles safely on slopes are:
  • Turn the front wheels up hill or into the inside/embankment.
  • Firmly set the emergency brake.
  • Put the vehicle in park (if automatic transmission) or in forward gear (if manual transmission);
  • do not leave it in neutral.
  • Turn off the engine.
  • Chock the wheels. When utilizing chocks, make sure they are on the correct side in reference to the slope. Assure the chocks are approved to hold the weight of the vehicle and will grip on the road surface.
Be especially aware of safe parking on slopes on incidents when moving a vehicle frequently, as
in using engines in pumping operations along a roadway -- it is very easy to get complacent
with procedures or not even realize that you are on a slightly different slope which would
require placing chocks differently. It is the driver's responsibility to assure not only that the
vehicle is operated safely, but is positioned and parked safely

Source: NIFC: Parking Safely on Slopes.

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