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Sunday, February 1, 2009

News: Milk tanker rolls off ferry


Regular readers of Biglorryblog may well remember me blogging on this this recent incident in New Zealand when a Volvo waggon and drag milk tanker slipped off the end of the ferry which goes from the mainland to Matakana Island in the Bay of Plenty. Look carefully at the above picture and you'll see the prime mover on the left of the ferry doing its impression of U517. Dive! Dive! Dive!


Well it couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of blokes as it belonged to BLB's much admired favouite Kiwi fleet operator Fonterra. Well I'm grateful to BLB regular Vic Hungerford for bringing me bang up to date on the story. Vic says: "You may remember the story a few months ago about the Fonterra tanker that went for a swim off the end of a ferry. I think in your comments you wished the driver and the tanker well and hoped that they made a full recovery."


Vic continues: "Well I'm pleased to inform you that the driver was fine, but unfortunately the tanker didn't recover. It was decided that the salt water damage was terminal and that there was no point in trying resuscitation. It is gradually being stripped for parts as required for other tankers; I was down there a couple of days ago and this is what is left of what was once a fine Volvo FM12. Apparently Volvos don't like swimming!" And I don't blame them click through here for a real hoot from the back of a Mainfreight truck....


Regular BLB readers will know that the major Kiwi truck operator Mainfreight is renowed for its smart rigs and eye-catching artwork, as well as pithy phrases. on the back of its trucks too---indeed they are much admired by Biglorryblog. So what do you make of this one?


Vic says: "On the way back I was stopped behind this Mainfreight curtainsider at some traffic lights and was rather taken by the signwriting on the back. I'm not too sure about the Kiwi shaking hands with the Kangaroo though! Cheers Vic" And who's it aimed at Vic..? That's the REAL question! Great stuff as ever and thanks.for the update on the Fonterra driver. You can always put metal back's not so easy with people.

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