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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mariposa County: Orders 15 firetrucks from Oshkosh

CALIFORNIA FIRE NEWS: Mariposa County: Orders 15 firetrucks from Oshkosh

Pierce Manufacturing, the firetruck division of Oshkosh Corp. (OSK), received a $4.1 million order for 15 vehicles from the Mariposa County Fire Department

All of the firetrucks are expected to be in service by August. Oshkosh Capital, a financing division of Oshkosh Corp., provided the financing for the fire department, which is north of Fresno, Calif.

The order includes 11 Contender pumper trucks and four Contender DX tanker trucks. Each of the vehicles, to be built in the Fox Valley, will be outfitted with equipment geared for wilderness fires.

Mariposa County is in the sparsely populated western foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It includes portions of Yosemite National Park and was the site of the Telegraph Fire that burned 34,000 acres last July.

The Mariposa Fire Department consists of 12 companies that cover 1,463 square miles.

Info2008 Pierce Contender DX series tanker: The Contender DX tanker offers the new Pierce exclusive 10" directional dump valve/chute assembly that offers more than a 1600 gpm flow — no more worrying about what direction you’re facing when pulling up to the scene.

With a low center of gravity (reducing side rolls), the DX tanker allows pump and roll, and is extremely stable — proven up to 28 degrees static side slope on a tilt table.
The DX tanker comes with compartments ahead of the rear axle(s) on both sides, has a 5-year limited warranty on the PTO and portable pumps, and a 360 hp engine.

The tank, designed specifically for Contender, is constructed of polypropylene with a water compartment baffling system that reduces the surges that can destabilize your vehicle

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