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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Department handles field fire

Department handles field fire: Department handles field fire

Kevin Howell

YEOMAN - Monticello Firefighters responded to a field fire Wednesday morning in Carroll County between County Roads 825 North and 875 North on the east edge of Yeoman.
Monticello Fire Department Captain Steve Fisher said the cause of the blaze, which burned through several acres of corn stubble on the Scott farm, was unknown at the time.
Firefighters were hampered a bit by a moderate breeze said Fisher as a water truck ran back and forth across the field to control the burn along the edges of the fire.
Fisher also said there was little loss to the recently harvested corn field, and nearby structures including grain bins, a barn and house were protected from the fire.
A next door neighbor noted that the corn had been harvested just a day or two before."

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