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Monday, November 12, 2007

CA-RRU-Water Tender Accident - BLUE SHEET

CA-RRU-Water Tender Accident


Vehicle Accident Riverside County Water Tender 39
October 24, 2007

This Preliminary Summary Report is intended as an aid in accident prevention, and to provide factual information from the first 24 hours of the accident review. To that end it is published and distributed within a short time frame. Information contained within may be subject to revision as further investigation is conducted, and other reports and documents are received.


The following information is a preliminary summary of a traffic accident in which two firefighters sustained minor injuries and a civilian received moderate injuries.


On October 24, 2007, at approximately 1354 hours, Water Tender 39 was traveling westbound on Avenue 50 in the community of Coachella operated by a Fire Apparatus Engineer and with a Fire Captain as the passenger. A newer model full size Dodge pick up truck traveling eastbound on Avenue 50 drifted over the double yellow line and impacted head on with the Water Tender despite aggressive emergency evasive actions by the Water Tender operator. Immediately after the collision, both occupants of the Water Tender unbuckled their seatbelts and exited their vehicle to attend to the medical need of the pick up driver and initiate a response for a traffic collision through the Perris ECC. The driver of the pick up was transported by ground ambulance to a local Trauma Center for further medical treatment. Both of the Department employees were also transported by ground ambulance to a local hospital for evaluation, treated and released.

Recommendations for Immediate Corrective Actions

.. Always wear your seat belts per department policy
.. Maintain situational awareness at all times while driving
.. Be alert and prepared for the unexpected

messages with the blue sheet:

Please give the attached Blue Sheet referencing the Riverside County WT39
accident wide distribution for the purposes of discussion and Tailgate
Safety session.
See attached Blue Sheet.
Driving continues to be one of our most hazardous activities.
Please have your firefighters discuss this accident in 6 minutes for safety
and tailgate sessions.
Defensive driving pays off.

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