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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Checkout this Mad Max East Coast Water Tanker

Mad Max East Coast Water Tender well they call em' Tankers on the right coast.
Called a "Breaker" it is a 6X6 water Tanker / Tender used to plow through brush. This one is up in the Cape Cod area at the Cape Cod Fire Department - West Barnstable Headquarters Fire Station 1 - West Barnstable
Cape Cod Breaker Cape Cod Brush Breaker

1967 International Military 6x6 / 1982 T Young Brush Breaker
300 gpm - 1000 gals
(diesel / standard)
Foam Eductor
Pump & roll - Winch

[MF-xxxx] Placed in service 1982
The last "County" built brush breaker

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Anonymous said...

That breaker is from the West Barnstable Fire Department located on Cape Cod. There is no Cape Cod FD, as it is a large region of MA.