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Saturday, June 16, 2007

News - Fire season declared in Humboldt

The Eureka Reporter - Article:
Fire season declared in Humboldt

The Humboldt-Del Norte Unit of Cal Fire will be on fire season status as of Monday. Cal Fire will complete hiring and training seasonal firefighters, and will begin staffing all facilities 24 hours per day.

“Fire season” means that Cal Fire increases preparedness levels, but it can mean restrictions for citizens as well.

Dooryard burn permits have been required since May 1, but a seasonal burn permit suspension should be expected as ground fuels become increasingly susceptible to fire. Cal Fire encourages community residents to clean up and dispose of their non-fire-safe vegetation early in the season.

Cal Fire firefighters want to remind loggers that all fire tool and clearance requirements are in effect. In addition, homeowners need to create a defensible space around their property so that it can be protected from wildfire.

For guidance on making a home defensible, consult the Cal Fire Web site at"

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