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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Man dies in Indio traffic collision with water truck | Man dies in Indio traffic collision:

A motorist was pronounced dead Friday evening after he crashed a Toyota Tundra into a parked water truck and his vehicle caught fire.

The truck was moving west at a high rate of speed on Avenue 48 toward Monroe Street when the collision occurred. For unknown reasons, the Tundra entered a lane that was closed off for construction, Indio Police spokesman Ben Guitron said.

The victim's vehicle pushed the water truck into a parked tractor. No one else was injured in the collision.

Investigators have not identified the victim, but it appears to be a man, Guitron added. It is also unclear if he died from the collision or the fire.

Avenue 48 between Monroe and Arabia streets have been blocked off so police could investigate. The road wasn’t expected to reopen until about 6 a.m."

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