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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Beautiful Kenworth / Pierce elliptical tank water tender

Tankers - Elliptical Tanker:

Elliptical Tanker
With its low center of gravity, a Pierce elliptical tanker will give you smoother, easier handling as well as increased vehicle stability. The design is a proven performer, having survived our grueling 'twist test' in which opposite front and rear wheels are raised 9' to identify and eliminate potential stress points.


* Stainless steel tank with exclusive Pierce full head baffling system and brushed finish. 20-year warranty.
* Corrosion-free, lightweight, lifetime-warranty polypropylene tank with polished wrap and insulation
* Multiple body designs and rear axle locations for optimum weight distribution.
* Several tank bulkhead sizes available/used to optimize the tank configuration for the lowest center of gravity, overall height, and best weight distribution.
* Maximum storage space.

Typical Specifications Models

* Mini-pumper, compliant with NFPA 1901.
* Mini-pumper featuring a rear-mounted portable pump, compliant with NFPA 1906.
* Mini-pumper with cross-mount pump, compliant with NFPA 1906.

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