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Monday, April 30, 2007

Road runner water cannon - free ad

RoadRunner Water Cannons & Valves

Celebrating 19 years of business while providing quality products at affordable prices with warranties and after sale service second to none. Our commitment to customer satisfaction remains our top priority. Through our extensive dealer network, we can supply you with all of your water truck needs beginning with our NC3030 Inline Water Valve (an industry standard), to tanks, to complete water truck systems.
Our RoadRunner Model 5000 water cannon (monitor) is America's best value, with more features than all of our competitors combined. Anywhere there is a need for a water truck, there is a need for a RoadRunner Water Cannon.
Our water cannons are used in many applications including; excavation, construction, landfills, logging, quarries, mining, agriculture; fire, erosion, and dust control. Our products are used by companies both big and small.
From city, county, and state municipalities to large industrial companies worldwide while remaining commited to the owner operator that has helped RoadRunner Sales Co. become a leader in the industry. Listening to the needs of every customer is the foundation of our success.

RoadRunner Sales Company is family owned and operated since 1987. "Thinking Outside The Box, A RoadRunner Tradition."

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