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Monday, January 22, 2007

Water tender - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Water tender
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A water tender is a specialized firefighting apparatus designed for the sole purpose of transporting water from a water source to a fire scene. Water tenders are capable of drafting water from a stream, lake or hydrant.

This class of apparatus does necessarily not have enough pumping capacity to power large hose lines (like a fire engine), though it utilizes a smaller pump to draft from bodies of water. Water tenders are used when there is not a working fire hydrant within reach of other fire equipment, or a water tender gives a possibility to supply the engine(s) with a very rapid connection. Most water tenders are designed to carry loads of 1000 gallons (approx. 3800 litres) or more. Some may carry upwards of 5000 gallons (more than 20 000 litres) of water - with a trailer even more.

Typically water tenders support engines and/or trucks like aerials in fires. Water tenders can be used also in chemical accidents, to clean highways after collisions, or pump water in floods. Some water tenders carry fire fighting equipment and crew resembling more an engine. These water tenders are able to operate relatively independently. As the most ultimate solutions some water tenders really combine a fire engine and water tender. This kind of unit may have seats for up to 6 firefighters, a water tank of more than 3000 gallons (approx. 11 000 litres), and basic equipment for fire fighting and rescue. This kind of solutions are comprehended e.g. in rural areas, where a fire engine (with rescue equipment) and water tender are supported by a combined engine/water tender unit in overlapping fires or accidents.

Very light water tenders are sometimes used in forest fires. For example, a small thank of 265 gallons (1000 litres) is carried by a cross-country vehicle to extinguish smouldering stubs on rough terrain. Some water tenders may carry various kind of hoses utilized in forest, building, or industrial fires. Some tenders carry also foaming agents, and extinguishing powders or gases. Sometimes these materials are carried in very specialized, separate units like hose trucks and powder trucks etc. Specialized Airport Crash Tenders are used at airports to carry larger amounts of water and foaming agents

Water Tender from NWCG Glossary of Wildland Fire Terminology

1. Any ground vehicle capable of transporting specified quantities of water.

Water Trucks and Water Tenders

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