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Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is a brand spanking new blog about Water Trucks and Water tenders

Water Trucks, Water Tankers or Water Tenders are they the same thing?

Out here in the west they all would be a different vehicle or piece of equipment on a fire. The following are my first definitions.

What is a Water Truck? - A Water Truck is any highway truck with a tank and water pumps for delivering a bulk supply of potable or non potable water. 2000 to 4000 gallons water tank ,possibly with spray heads and hose reels.

What is a Water Tanker? -Is a water / fire retardant dropping Aircraft out here on a wildland fire.

On the highway a Water Tanker is truck or semi truck with a large potable water tank or tanks. 4000 to 12,000 gallon capacity possibly with spray heads and hose reels.

What is a Water Tender? -A Water Tender is a water truck with water pumps, fire hose, special equipment, operator training, PPE, communications , for supplying water to on line fire equipment at wild land fire, and rural structure fire scene's. Out here in the west 2000 to 5000 gallons of water, drafting ability, spray heads and hose reels, road spray bars, off load dumping, possibly foam/class A or other special equipment.

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